Trifecta 25mm Handmade Joint Complete Dabbing Kit #1

Trifecta 25mm Handmade Joint Complete Dabbing Kit #1

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Description for Part Number 1151

This Trifecta 25mm Complete Dabbing Kit #1 is one the latest and greatest at spinning terp (dab) Pearls. The Trifecta Dual Recycler Dab Rig has very strong air velocity and when put together with our 25mm Handmade Joint Quartz Banger and our Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap, you're coming in first at the terp pearl races!

This Kit Includes the following:

*The lighter of the three colors is actually purplish, not a light blue as it sometimes appears (it looks light blue in the image). The black Trifecta is obvious, and the darker one besides the black one is "Blue", making the lightest one you see our "Purple."

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