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Description for Part Number 5107

25mm Mini Enail Kit (Case)

This 25mm Mini Enail Kit (With Zippered Case) is everything you need except a glass dabbing rig and oil. You can't beat this deal! Would you like some Terp (Dab) Pearls with this setup?

This Kit Includes:

  • (1) 25mm Mini Enail Kit With (Zippered Case & Power Cord Included)
  • (1) High-quality 25mm Heater Coil
  • (1) 100% Quartz, 25mm Flat Top Banger With A Clear Bottom and R-Clip Receiver (You Pick the Joint Size)
  • (1) R-Clip (Holds the Heater Coil In Place)
  • Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap-riptide inspired (fits 19mm to 25mm Bangers-you pick the color)
  • (2) Colorful Silicone Dab Containers (Random Colors)
  • (1) Small Dab Mat

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
So happy with these folks!

The nail works perfectly!! Heats up very quickly and stays consistent. Temperature fluctuations read out in real time as you pull and it re-establishes set temp. Great quality.

Processing and shipment were prompt, and customer service has been super helpful in the midst of this crazy time.

My hats are off to you guys. This is a really good value for this quality of product and service.

DabbaDew, we're happy that you're so happy with your purchase and our service! We appreciate the review, and for sure appreciate you as a customer. Thanks for spreading the word for us!