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Description for Part Number 6323

Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap

Elevate your dab game with our new Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap! This riptide-inspired carb cap has multiple airflow channels that rotate the incoming air into a cyclone, spreading and stirring your oil and vapor. If you use this with our Terp (Dab) Pearls inside your banger, you can watch those pearls spin while regulating your dabbing temperature. If you'd like our whole combo pack that includes this carb cap, terp pearls, and a 25mm quartz banger, click here!

Product Details:

  • Works On 25mm E-bangers and Bangers
  • Spreads and Rotates Your Oil To Ensure Even and Complete Vaporization
  • Riptide-inspired, Cyclone-Like, Spinning Incoming Airflow
  • Often Used With Terp (Dab) Pearls

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Theodore Hudson
great cap

I had originally ordered the Mega version which was too big for my 25mm and they threw this one in for free on the order knowing I had ordered the wrong one... Number 1 customer service way to look out for the customer ;), very satisfied would recommend highly!

Ted, I'm happy our crew took good care of you, we appreciate...you!

Mr. Dabs
7 months and counting

I bought one of these caps about 7 months ago. this cap had done me wonders, i would recommend this cap and any of their 25mm or larger quartz bangers. if you really want to get fancy with it get a rounded bottom banger.

Yo, Mr. Dabs, thanks for your review! We appreciate your business and for spreading the word about us with your people. Stay well Mr. Dabs!

Dope company

Order a carb cap and banger orginally they work great then while cleaning my carb cap I broke completely my fault so got in ordered another 1 got here in a few days and when I opened the box there was 2 carb caps and a note on my recipe saying the 2and cap was a gift for being a repeat customer!!!! Super dope now I have a back up incase of anymore accidents thank you!! You guys are awesome!!!!

Our pleasure, we appreciate your business and word of mouth! Thanks bro!