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25mm Deluxe Enail Kit

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Description for Part Number 1098

25mm E-Banger Deluxe Enail Kit

The Commander 25mm E-Banger Deluxe Enail Kit is a great kit enail kit for new dabbers and veterans alike! 25mm bucket bangers are standard in dabbing because they are versatile, easy to clean, and in the Goldilocks Zone for size; 25mm is just perfect for most people's taste, not too big or too small. This kit includes a protectively thick, authentic moodmat for your station, keeping your dab rig safe from bumps and shocks during use. The Clear Commander Dab Rig is quite thick with a heavy base, and high airflow, making it very pleasant to hit. You can choose from the wood grain, blue, red, or black finish for your enail controller. The rectangular prism form factor is strategically small and eye-catching. You can pack the head unit, heater coil, power cord, and accessories in the handy mobile case when traveling or on the go!

This Kit Includes:

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