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Description for Part Number 6102

Bubbler Portable Kit

This Portable Kit Bubbler is a water pipe with a removable showerhead disc slit percolator which is built-in to the downstem. This design allows for easy cleaning and secure storage. The colored showerhead disc perc boasts 15 multi-cut slits, providing maximum diffusion for smooth, tasty hits! Comes in a durable, long-lasting cardboard storage case with thick foam for protection while traveling and between setups.

Product Details:

  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Height: 10” Tall
  • Base: 4” Dia.
  • Material: High-quality borosilicate Glass
  • Engineered, Designed, and Assembled in the USA
  • Glass Joint: 14mm - Use with the dabbing specialists PN 3201 18mm x 14mm Titanium Nail Adapter Male Made in the USA
  • It comes with a Special Bonus Flower Bowl Featuring 5 Holes for Monster Hits!
  • Use with PN 2101 the dabbing specialists' Custom 16 Hole Titanium Nail Made in the USA
  • Use with PN 5101 the dabbing specialists' Custom e-Nail Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
DZY 1119
Bang For Your Buck!

I know The Dabbing Specialists refer to this bubbler as being "portable", but this piece is a rock solid daily driver for your desk, too. If you're lookin' for an e-nail piece for the low, this is it.

This piece is near identical to the bubbler Illadelph used to sell. The glasswork at the 19mm joint (where the mouthpiece goes) is worked a bit differently here. This piece also has "normal/generic" plastic clips rather than the Illadelph branded ones. Beyond that, only the labels are different. Even the padded storage box is the same. Down to the placement of the pre-cut holes.

The Dabbing Specialists are practically giving these away at this price. You're getting a solid/stable, well made "rig" in a really nice padded stowaway box for a great price.

If you need a "rig".....get this 'un.

DZY 1119, you have a great point, this rig does make a great daily driver! You're correct man, it is just like that one from the other brand, but you can save a lot on ours for the exact same thing. Thanks for being our customer and for telling others about us!

John P.

Sorry for the late review. I got this in January after receiving the glass showerhead bubbler by mistake. I’m glad I picked the portable bubbler it hits so smooth. So I asked how they wanted me to ship it back and they said to just keep it that they made the mistake. I hope nobody got in trouble for the mistake. The showers head bubbler is great too it has a lots more chug compared. Thanks TDS you guys are the best

John, I'm happy our customer service team took good care of you after a little mess up. Glad it worked out well! We appreciate your review and thanks for being our customer!

Glass Bubbler Portable Kit

Nice piece. Thicker and heavier than I expected. Very smooth rips. My only complaint is the packing tape they used kind of destroyed the carrying case.

Thanks for the great review, Brad! We're sorry about the tape messing up the case. Email joey@actionengineeringcorp.com and mention that this happened. She may just be able to ship you out a new case. Dab on Brad...