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Description for Part Number 6101

Showerhead Bubbler

We've sold hundreds of these pipes over the years, and they hold up and function exceptionally well! This showerhead percolated bubbler has 42 slits in the perc to provide maximum diffusion and ultra-smooth, tasty hits! The inherent cooling and filtration are also unmatched in most pipes.

Product Details:

  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Height: 11.5” Tall
  • Base: 5.25: Dia.
  • Material: High-quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Engineered, Designed, and Assembled In the USA
  • Glass Joint: 18mm - Use with the dabbing specialists PN 3201 18mm x 14mm Titanium Nail Adapter Male Made In the USA
  • Use with PN 2101 the dabbing specialists' Custom 16 Hole Titanium Nail Made In the USA
  • Use with PN 5101 the dabbing specialists' Custom Enail Made In the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sturdy base but hard to clean

I’ve had this rig for about 2 years now and I’ve noticed a few things. It’s difficult to get a nice deep clean in the mouth piece part (the straw part) as well as the top of the dome part of the bubbling portion. Within the first few weeks of owning this I accidentally applied too much pressure to the mouth piece (straw part) and it cracked where it attaches to the actual bong.. but I used electrical tape and it has worked ever since. Not sure how safe it is to smoke with the electrical tape on it but hey, whatever. So yes the actual base is nice and heavy and thick and sturdy but I’d say there are other bongs with that attribute that are easier to clean and don’t “break” as easily when it comes to the appendages of the piece lol. I’d realistically give it 3.5 stars but that wasn’t an option. I have a beaker bong that I love much more than this one but I don’t hate this one!!!

Lupe A.
Nice Quality Glass

This is one of my favorite bongs and I barely got it. This bong has a very sturdy/big base and overall thick glass all around. Best bang for your buck glass piece Don’t miss out!

Lupe, thanks for your review! We're happy that you're enjoying your new piece. Tell a friend for us and thanks for your business.


Smoothest hitting dab rig. If you've made it this far; buy it. Trust me you won't be disappointed with it. It's great for a nice slow, smooth hit you can chill with.

Thanks for your fine review Ken! We're happy you like the hit it provides too.

John Pietruk
5 star best rig ive used out of over 40 tested

great for daily medicating, this rig overs consistency and smooth operation with any size hit, from a super tiny pin head drop to a huge 0.5g hit and everything inbetween always great.

John, we're glad that you like it! Thanks for your fine review and for being our customer! Enjoy...