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Multicolor Terp Ball Dab Pearls

[*Does not include the Carb Cap Stand/Dab Pearl Holder*]

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Description for Part Number 6341

With terp pearls in your banger, and a specialized airflow spinning carp cap, these spheres can spin around and spread out your dabs for an even, regulated, lower temperature dab. Even if you don't get them to spin, they hold on to the heat and increase the surface area for your wax to vaporize on. If you'd like a great holder for these that also keeps your carb cap off the mat, click here!

  • Includes: (5) Terp Ball Dab Pearls, One of Each Color Shown
  • 6mm OD (Outside Diameter)
  • 100% Corundum Material (9 On the Mohs Hardness Scale)
  • Retains Heat Well


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