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Description for Part Number 6203

Quartz E-Banger-20mm Coil

14mm Female for 20mm Coil

Quartz E-Bangers provide a wonderfully flavored hit and great heat retention. The hefty-sized available bucket allows you to dab large amounts of wax in a single session without losing any. This 14mm female quartz e-banger fits 14mm male joints on your bubbler pipe or dab rig and a 20mm e-Nail heater coil. Get the most from your wax by pairing this quartz nail with a carb cap dabber tool to cool the vapor and let you savor the tasty terpenes. Hook it up to an e-Nail and adjust the temperature as desired. The convenience of stable and predictable temperatures without the hassles of a torch!

Product Details:

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Fits 14mm Male Glass Joint
  • Fits 20mm Coil Size
  • Coil Not Included
  • (PN 6308), (PN 6304)(PN 6304A) (Recommended Carb Caps)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Jonathon Ramos
    Tested and Approved

    I got this e-nail banger due to it being apart of one of The Dabbing Specialist’s e-nail dabbing complete kits.

    This e-nail banger has been my daily driver for the better part of me owning the e-nail. It retains and disperses the heat very well. It has held up to continuous daily use (7x/day) and has functioned great every time. I would definitely recommend this company and products (this one included) to anyone in the market or family and friends:

    For the price point and the quality of product you receive, it kind of makes it a no brainer.

    Thanks, John! Keep on rockin' man!