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Description for Part Number 1088

Deluxe e-Nail Kit

25mm buckets are almost a standard in the dabbing community, so this Reborn 25mm E-Banger Deluxe Enail Kit may be what you're looking for! This kit is a great value and provides all you need as a new dabber or an experienced one. This kit includes a protectively thick, authentic moodmat for your station, keeping your dab rig safe from bumps and shocks during use. The Reborn Precision Mini Dual Bubbler is thick with a heavy base and high airflow, making it very pleasant to hit. This pipe is bulletproof and of great value! For your PID temperature controller (e-Nail), you can choose from black, wood grain, blue, or red finish. The rectangular prism form factor is strategically small and eye-catching. You can pack the head unit, heater coil, power cord, and accessories in the handy mobile case when traveling or on the go!

This Kit Includes: