25mm Mini Enail Complete Dabbing Kit #2

25mm Mini Enail Complete Dabbing Kit #2

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Description for Part Number 1137

This 25mm Mini Enail Complete Dabbing Kit #2 is all you need to have great sessions! All you need is oil.

This Kit Includes the following:

  • (1) 25mm Mini Enail Kit (Zippered Case & Power Cord Included)
  • (1) High Quality 25mm Heater Coil
  • (1) Mini Dual Bubbler (14mm Female Joint)
  • (1) 100% Quartz, 25mm Flat Top Banger With A Clear Bottom and R-Clip Receiver (14mm Male Joint To Fit The Reclaim Catcher)
  • (1) R-Clip (Holds the Heater Coil In Place)
  • (1) Reclaim Catcher (14mm Male To Connect To PN 6105f)
  • (2) Colorful Silicone Dab Containers (Random Colors)
  • (1) Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap-riptide inspired (You Pick The Color)
  • (2) Terp (Dab) Pearls Of Your Choice (SiC, Ruby, Quartz)
  • (1) Complimentary Type 1 Glass Adapter (Extra Freebie--Not Needed In Kit)

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