December 01, 2018

Congratulations on getting your first enail! Enail dabbing has gained popularity among cannabis connoisseurs, namely since an enail keeps your nail at a consistent temperature. No more guessing how hot the nail is and more tasty, full dabs!

How to Dab with a Custom TDS Enail

We're sure you're excited about getting to use your new custom TDS enail, but how do you properly use it? Whether you're a newbie needing guidance or a veteran needing a refresher, watch the video below to learn the best way to dab with an enail.

How-To: Dab With the TDS Enail

Enail Dabbing: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Still looking for additional help? Follow the steps below, and you'll be dabbing like a Specialist in no time!

Step 1: Add Some Water into Your Dab Rig

How to Dab with a TDS Enail

Fill your pipe with fresh water to a level you feel satisfied with. As long as no water comes up the neck to your mouthpiece, you're good to go. If you've overfilled your pipe, just pour out the excess until the water level is where you'd like it.

Of course, you don't NEED to do this every time, however we recommend doing so in order to keep your pipe clean and your dabs tasting fresh. Always using fresh water during each sesh makes for a better overall experience.

Step 2: Hook Up and Power Up Your Enail

How to Dab with a TDS Enail

Once you've got the water level right, go ahead and place your nail on the rig and turn on your enail. If you have one of our custom enails for dabbing, don't worry about setting the temperature; it's preset to 800 degrees Fahrenheit since that is the optimal temperature for dabbing with our titanium, according to our research. Once you turn it on, sit back and relax - the nail will take several minutes to heat up. 

Step 3: Load Up Your Dab

How to Dab with an Enail

Grab that trusty dabber and load up some of your concentrate! We use the claw shovel dabber, since it picks up fat dabs with ease. 

Pro Tip: If you have wax, throw it in the fridge before trying to load it on the dabber. This hardens the wax and makes it so much easier to work with. For those shatter lovers, simply break off a shard by hand and use the heat of your fingers to stick the shatter to your dabber.

Step 4: Take. That. DAB!

Enail Dabbing How-To

Touch the inside lip of your nail, rotating the dabber to vaporize all of your product. Once the product is fully vaporized, flip your dabber over and cover the nail with your carb cap.

Pro Tip: If you don't have a carb cap, touch your wax to the inside of the nail (the part that leads into the rig) and slowly pull up. Doing this lessens the lost vapor during your sesh as any wax that falls off your dabber either falls into the water where it could be collected, or lands on another portion of the nail and gets vaporized.

Enail Dabbing How-To

If you're using our 16-hole titanium nail, which you should in order to never lose a dab, keep pulling in the same way until no more vapor fills the rig.

BONUS: Post-Sesh Cleanup

Although this isn't essential, we recommend cleaning your nail with Q-tips after ever dab session. This keeps your nail clean and your dabs tasting fresh, not to mention keeps you from dabbing carcinogens which can buildup in wax resin. 

If your titanium's dirty, check out our article on the best way to clean titanium hardware to get your nail looking like new once again.

We also recommend cleaning your cleaning your dab rig at least once a week. Check out the article we wrote about the best way to clean your dab rig for extra help!

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